So Depressing

I did a previous post on the sad story of the US Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010.  Now we have this report from National Public Radio: which details the ongoing struggle to get a respectable US Pavilion off the ground.  FYI, the article has comments from some American business people in Shanghai.  I don’t know these folks, but I do know the team working on getting the Pavilion going (Ellen Eliasoph, quoted in the article; and former US Ambassador to Singapore and Under Secretary of Commerce Frank Lavin).  They are smart and working hard, for no money, to get this done.  If there are better ideas on how to do it, that’s fine, but on top of all the other issues seems a shame to have this devolve into a “Shanghai business community” vs. “US Pavilion organizers” thing.  

I will just reiterate that the Administration and companies are both missing a huge strategic opportunity if they don’t throw their weight quickly behind the effort to get the pavilion built.

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